How NFT Reality Kudos Increased Employee Engagement

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Have you ever wondered how to increase employee morale and employee satisfaction in your team and engage remote employees more? In Mobile Reality we had this thought. We have been seeking a solution that can be easy to implement in our processes, easy to use, inexpensive, and help with employee retention. After a few discussions about this topic and several ideas, we have come up with NFT kudos implementation!

Before NFT Reality kudos

Since the beginning of our company, we tried to gratitude our team members because of their involvement and hard remote work. We notified the whole team about massive achievements. We tried to underline who was responsible for what in particular matter. Every time we needed to remember who did what and how it was done and what was the results objectively. That was quite reasonable when our team included only 10 engaged employees. Some of that started to crumble when our team increased above this “10-people” size. Being more divided between more projects and tasks wasn’t helpful for memorizing all the great things which our team has been doing constantly. Also, when we did have a feeling that specific gratitude could miss vital details. What’s worth mentioning, we haven’t been that close to the team as we had to involve other project managers in our projects. That’s why we also needed a tool that can be used by them to engage remote employees.

What problems did we have

As a remote team, we need to face multiple challenges related to employee feedback, employee experience, and job satisfaction. Team building activity is one of the most crucial fundaments of our company. Engaged employee while working remotely is very hard to achieve if you do not provide sufficient company culture.

Employee recognition is something that we put in high priority in Mobile Reality. Our company culture comes with 9 values which we highlight when remote teams cooperate with each other. In that case, our HR success stories are way more honest and play well with our remote work.

Remote working can lead to poor work life balance which, as a result, can lead to worse performance. That’s why employee recognition is that important. It helps your virtual team with a feeling of job satisfaction and having the job done. The last what you want to have in your company is a disengaged employee.

Engaging remote employees is tricky. As I partially mentioned, we needed to solve:

  • The way how gratitude is given to remote employees

  • Give this responsibility to someone else

  • Track gratitudes to a remote team. We need to know how things look like in remote employee engagement

  • Meaning of gratitude. We don’t want to have a situation where gratitude is only a bunch of words

  • Gratitude related to our company. 

Below I will show how it’s resolved in NFT Reality Kudos

NFT Reality Kudos solution

Let’s start with the first problem so way of giving gratitude. We work remotely so we need something adjusted to our environment with remote employees. In Mobile Reality we have calls dedicated to organization or project matters. Sometimes this team meeting takes a lot of time so we think that the “gratitudes section” can’t be a part of these as it would be hard to plan. In remote teams, most of the communication takes place at online communicators. In our case, it’s Slack where each team member is instant messaging in the communication channel. Based on this, we decided that our gratitudes have to be a part of this internal communication. Thanks to that our team will be able to interact with it as the same as with other discussion topics in the channels. Also, these messages will be available to all team members so there won’t be a problem with visibility and it should be easy to engage remote employees.

Ok, we have resolved it first thing. Let’s go to the next one. We would like to pass responsibility for noticing other teammates. Managers of projects are the best to choose from. It will help to share company culture as well as they need to know what kind of behaviors are important for us.  

Tracking is vital from an analytics point of view. When you do not have any data you do not know if something works or not. In NFT Reality we have a leaderboard that presents a clear picture of the last week, 2 weeks, and month. Remote teams have access to it so everyone is motivated to be noticed!

The meaning of gratitude and its relation to the company is fundamental when we talk about employee recognition. That’s why NFT Reality solves the problem greatly. Every kudo is the NFT representation that can be fulfilled with data related to the company. Kudos are limited in quantity like every NFT so it gives that weight of meaning. Each kudo NFT can be listed not only on the NFT Reality platform but also on the Blocto wallet so they can send it or even sell it if they want to! Thanks to that we have more than enough when it comes to “meaning”. 

How NFT Reality Kudos changed our organization

After some time with this tool, we have been astonished at how our team seamlessly accepted this form of gratitude at work. What’s even more, every remote team member has started playing with it and wanted to collect every minted kudo in our organization in the latest series. NFT Reality Kudos basically fulfilled every goal which we had in 4 weeks. In the results, team building and employee recognition measures increased by 35%. Also, new hire employees are surprised about this tool and how nice it is when working remotely. Now we can create the next series of our kudos and recognize the next great players in our team by our managers! Remote worker can be efficient with a little trust and proper employee recognition. In the future NFT Reality Kudos will be available also in Microsoft Teams. Looking forward to it!