NFT Reality Kudos: Stress-Free Communication

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According to the World Health Organization, stress has been declared the "disease of the century" as over 60% of civilization diseases today have a nervous origin. Stress is often caused by tense social situations, which lead to excessive worry. We can say that a stress-free life does not exist. Stress accompanies us both in our personal and professional lives. Stress can motivate and devastate our lives. What is it about stress that motivates us to take action in the right dose but overwhelms our minds and leads to depression when overdosed? Some enjoy an extreme lifestyle for whom stress is like a drug, like adrenaline that drives them towards dangerous challenges. On the other hand, some are paralyzed by stress and hindered in their daily lives.

Communication and stress management

In every workplace, the most important element of every day is effective communication - communication with colleagues, clients, or superiors. Factors such as communication style, interpersonal relationships, and level of engagement in work often evoke strong emotions and can often be stressors and disrupt our communication. When communication is poorly conducted, it can lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, and decreased productivity. Also, communication stress, lack of clear communication, improper ways of expressing opinions, and lack of problem-solving skills can cause frustration and stress.

Communication can be stressful if it is unclear, inadequate, or ineffective. Additionally, interpersonal relationships at work can also be stressors. Conflicts, lack of support from colleagues, low work motivation, and negative relationships with superiors can cause high-stress levels among employees. Efforts should be made to ensure that communication and relationships at work do not become an additional source of stress among employees. It is important to focus on the quality of communication elements such as openness, clarity, and effectiveness, which will help in problem-solving, increase work efficiency, and contribute to building good relationships between people. Good interpersonal relationships are based on trust, support, and respect. Such relationships contribute to increased job satisfaction and reduced stress levels and effects of stress. In conclusion, communication and relationships at work can cause stress if they are ineffective, unclear, or inappropriate. However, properly conducted communication and positive relationships among people can help reduce stress levels and improve the overall work climate.

NFT Reality Kudos as a Tool Supporting Stress-Free Communication

We often express our satisfaction through smiles. As HR employees, we often wonder why employees smile so little at work and get irritated with their bosses and colleagues. Does this always relate to personal problems or work relationships? Could the reason be communication stress?

To build the proper mood balance that supports good communication and key communication skills it is important to remember that not only the stress of employees but also the stress of the boss affects the work atmosphere, and both sides are important in building the right balance.

HR professionals and leaders, managers who, through their actions, introduce effective methods of dealing with stress, strive to prevent and mitigate stress-inducing situations. Since recruitment and onboarding, we ensure proper and honest communication, eliminating stress by providing all the necessary information that a new employee may need. We organize weekly social meetings or use modern communication tools such as Slack or Trello always to be accessible.

Good communication tool for effective communication

Among the many communication tools available on the market that will help you not only in HR work but also improve communication, Slack deserves attention, which we use at Mobile Reality. This online communicator is designed for information exchange within the team. Allows communication management. I have been working with it for 3 years and can point out its many advantages.

First of all, its undeniable advantages include fast communication, i.e. reliable flow of information. This tool allows for fast conversations in thematic channels, chats, and file exchange. This allows for the implementation of good practices related to communication management and effective communication strategies.

Secondly, because its structure is based on applications such as well-known Skype, Messenger, or Telegram, the implementation process in the team is quick and simple. The advantage of its introduction is efficient, stress-free communication within the team.

Thirdly, with a free account, users have access to most functions. Among them, the ability to create thematic channels is noteworthy. Thanks to the possibility of creating dedicated channels and chats, we can significantly narrow down and specify the recipients of our messages. Threads allow us to further respond to a specific message only to interested individuals without informing everyone in the channel/chat about the matter. It is a channel that provides help in communication - whether through interesting, humorous, or musical content that builds emotional well-being and good mood.

Fourthly, the basic advantage of communication in channels on Slack is the ability to participate only in selected threads and receive notifications only about the issues in which we are needed. The strength of the Slack communicator is its ability to integrate it with other popular applications and services. In this way, the team can save some valuable time that is usually spent switching between tools. Speaking of integrations and connecting Slack with other tools, email cannot be overlooked. Slack can successfully eliminate emails in internal communication.

Fifthly and perhaps most importantly in remote work for many dispersed teams, Slack is a substitute for an office or a meeting place.

In search of tools supporting work, we often focus on the features and possibilities they offer us. We much less often think about how we can use them wisely and effectively. In Mobile Reality, we have noticed whether the Slack communicator can be enriched in such a way that it not only fulfills its best role of exchanging information but also becomes a tool that significantly influences the development of proper communication among employees in the company, building their well-being and mutual esteem. assertive communication techniques

NFT Reality Kudos betters communication skills managers

There is nothing better for an employee, especially one working remotely, than a good communicator, with NFT Reality Kudos installed. It allows for improving management processes, introducing a new communication style, fostering openness, and the ability to express oneself.

In my opinion, this tool undoubtedly has a significant impact on building proper communication among employees in a company. NFT Reality Kudos does not replace a charismatic leader who builds partner relationships with team members. Still, it allows for improving the management process, introducing a new communication style, and promoting openness and self-expression. To meet the requirements of the new generation, managers must respect diversity and avoid stereotypical judgments. In the NFT Reality Kudos application, there are several categories to choose from, such as Supportive, Involvement, Communication, Leader, Warrior, and Researcher, where opinions can be expressed through words and tokens that add wings. However, it must always be sincere. It is easy to use and requires only a little effort from us. At least once a week, you can express your opinion about a colleague or boss, which contributes to a better work atmosphere and, consequently, increases motivation and work efficiency. Thanks to "kudos," communication is direct, even when it is a communication under stress and there is room for freely expressing one's opinion. It allows for dialogue with colleagues and superiors. It reduces the role of corporate hierarchy or even completely abolishes it - everyone has the right to receive and send a "token." This element helps bring the company closer to achieving a turquoise organizational status.

NFT Kudos builds a sense of balance in effort-reward in the workplace atmosphere.

In the communication process, feedback is very important, which appreciates the employee's effort, taking into account the demands and commitments related to work, such as time pressure, obstacles in task implementation, high responsibility, and engagement. Often, amid responsibilities, especially as an employer, we forget about the role of praise. NFT Reality KUDOS allows not only superiors but also colleagues to reward the employee's effort. This builds excellent relationships among employees. The idea behind using a motivational application like NFT Reality KUDOS is rewarding, as we know that positive endorphins play a significant role in reducing communication stress.

NFT Reality Kudos - a smile in communication

Scientifically proven, a smile and a sense of humor help deal with workplace stress. Therefore, humorously reframing work situations, and finding humorous subtexts in daily situations and difficulties can help combat communication stress. In Mobile Reality, we have two ways to address this: first, two Slack channels are dedicated to exchanging jokes and interesting music pieces, and second, the humorous graphics of NFT Reality KUDOS illuminate even gloomy and busy days.

NFT KUDOS builds stress-free communication with superiors

Once again, let us remember that communication is the key to the team's success, and every member should feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and opinions. Therefore, it is worth taking care of this in two ways: from the employees' side, by developing individual stress management techniques, thereby reducing perceived stress levels in communicating with colleagues or superiors, and from the employers' and leaders' side, by improving communication within teams and the workplace. NFT Reality Kudos provides an opportunity to express one's opinion about a colleague or superior in a stress-free manner. This opportunity contributes to a better work atmosphere, providing space for stress-free communication with superiors. It increases motivation and effectiveness in work.

Stress-free competition thanks to NFT Kudos

Competition and achieving success can be stressful and disrupt proper communication in the workplace. NFT Reality Kudos is a friendly way to recognize and acknowledge the achievements of colleagues. It allows recognition for assistance in task execution, creativity in problem-solving, or perseverance in overcoming difficulties. Using NFT Reality KUDOS is not just an occasional "Good job" but a systematic conveyance of compliments, not only in words but also with interesting graphics. This element, integrated into daily communication, contributes to creating a positive atmosphere and an ethical and inclusive organizational culture.

Thanks to NFT Reality KUDOS, which undoubtedly has a significant impact on building proper communication among employees in a company. At least once a week, you can express your opinion about a colleague or superior, which promotes a better work atmosphere and, consequently, increases motivation and effectiveness at work.


Utilizing communication tools such as emails, chats, project management systems, and automation can significantly improve communication. I believe that the presented product, NFT Reality Kudos, is just one of the elements worth considering when looking for tools that support the development of stress-free communication in a company.