Engaged employees and rewarded colleagues with Kudos and collectibles

Our mission is to assist HR leaders, managers and business owners in creating exceptional engagement and recognition program tailored to their teams and employees so they do their best, and never wants to leave.

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Let’s look at how our kudos software works!


We value employee recognition that's why we have created a tool where you will find fundamental features which guarantee boosting your team motivation and satisfaction from work. Also it will bring a lot of fun when using. Check this out!

  • Giving kudos with points to colleagues through app for Slack
  • Sharing positive vibes and high engagement among coworkers
  • Creating Kudos collections to give to your teammates
  • Weekly feedback
  • Employee engagement statistics
  • Minting branded NFTs to employees as a Kudos

Peer to peer recognition with Kudos.

  • What is Kudos?

    Praise and honor received by an employee for an achievement or compliments. NFT Reality kudos can be assigned to the non-fungible token on a blockchain to increase employee workplace engagement.

  • Kudos with meaning

    Unique digital rewards that identify with your team values are branded with your company logotype that can be a part of your employee engagement strategy.

  • Smart contract

    Smart contracts deployed on the FLOW blockchain are here to prevent fraud and eliminate commission-free intermediaries.

  • Collectibles are persistent

    We are using IPFS which is making our network independent of any kind of service.

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Employee Engagement and Peer Recognition Initiatives

NFT Reality, the employee engagement app, and employee recognition platform unlock the HR department's potential in the organization. Company owners may leverage branded NFTs as powerful benefits, rewards, and kudos for organizations to decrease employee turnover and prevent low engagement. Let's give an overview of kudos benefits!


  • You can reward and boost morale of your employees with “a tokenized piece of a company”
  • You can create as many Kudos as you want to create as many employee engagement goals as you wish
  • In the offered employee engagement model, you can easily build your organization based on your cultural values, commitment, and company information.


  • In our colleague engagement platform, you can feel more appreciated receiving meaningful gratitude for your astonishing results and productivity as the result of peer-to-peer recognition.
  • You can do whatever you want with Kudos collectibles (keep, sell, exchange across organizations and teams)
  • Thanks to our affordable employee engagement software , you can collect all values and receive other specified rewards on our website and app for Slack!

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Full access Kudos app

Unlimited number of Kudos for employees

Unlimited number of Kudos to be minted

Unlimited number of users

Weekly feedback for employees

9 kudos cards templates

Custom kudos (e.g., company values)

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Collectibles from your organization

NFT Reality’s collection created for app users and customers represents a set of roles, values, achievements, or rewards within a particular company. Each role, value, or achievement can be transformed into a Collectible token that the company identifies with it. Each employee may find himself, company value, or a particular kudos award in the collection!

nft reality kudos app slack employee engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

Employee recognition is a crucial component of organizational success because it directly influences job satisfaction, employee retention, and overall productivity. Utilizing an active kudos service subscription plays a significant role in this process. Such a subscription provides a structured and continuous platform for acknowledging the efforts and achievements of employees. Consistent recognition through a kudos service ensures that positive reinforcement is an integral part of the company culture, which can boost morale and encourage a highly engaged workforce. This continuous flow of recognition helps employees feel valued and appreciated for their contributions on an ongoing basis. Incorporating flexible rewards into the recognition system enhances the effectiveness of such programs. Flexible rewards mean that employees can choose benefits that are most meaningful and desirable to them personally, whether that's extra time off, gift cards, special experiences, or other incentives. This flexibility not only caters to the diverse needs and preferences of a modern workforce but also increases the perceived value of the rewards, thereby magnifying the positive impact on employee morale and motivation.

The NFT Reality Kudos app serves as a significant motivator for those employees eager to strengthen their character at work. This advanced employee engagement software motivates employees by recognizing their talent development. The NFT Reality kudos software supports personal growth through weekly acknowledgments. It is aligned with the organization's core values, such as support, leadership, motivation, and innovation, and is straightforward. Importantly, recognition can come from managers and employees, enhancing personal and workplace engagement. It makes employees feel valued by both peers and supervisors. NFT Reality KUDOS awards a unique token along with verbal praise, adding a tangible element to the recognition. It can be collected and used to measure an employee's development. This aspect of the app turns it into a powerful employee engagement tool. It encourages the highly ambitious and all employees to aim for excellence in their roles.

The Kudos app is a tool designed to enhance workplace culture, engagement and recognition. It serves as a platform where employees and managers can appreciate each other's efforts and achievements through the digital exchange of kudos, which are tokens of acknowledgment. This system helps to foster a positive company culture by promoting and rewarding behaviors that contribute to the organization’s success. The app typically allows users to send personalized messages and awards to colleagues, which can be publicly viewed within the organization, enhancing visibility and reinforcing a culture of recognition. It also often integrates with other workplace tools and may include features like analytics to track engagement levels and the impact of recognition activities.

iOS and Android apps are currently being developed. We should be ready to release the mobile app soon so you can browse all your kudos. Download apps from Google Play and the App Store will be available in the next few weeks.