Engage and reward with Kudos and collectibles

Our mission is to assist HR leaders and business owners in creating exceptional engagement and recognition program tailored to their teams and employees so they do their best, and never wants to leave.

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We value employee engagement and recognition that's why we have created a tool where you will find fundamental features which guarantee to boost your team's motivation and satisfaction from work. Also, this app will bring a lot of fun when used. Check this out!

Giving kudos with points

Sharing positives vibes and engagement among teammates

Minting NFTs collections to give to your teammates

Let your organization benefit from NFTs.

  • What Kudos is?

    Praise and honour received for an achievement, compliments, or congratulations that in NFT Reality can be assigned to the non-fungible token on a blockchain.

  • Kudos with meaning

    Unique digital rewards, branded with your company logotype, that identify with your team values.

  • Smart contract

    Smart contracts are here to prevent fraud and eliminate commission-free intermediaries.

  • NFTs are persistent

    We are using IPFS which is making our network independent on any kind of service.

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Boost your retention rate with NFT Reality

NFT Reality, the employee engagement and recognition platform, unlocks the potential for HR departments and company owners to leverage branded NFTs as powerful benefits, rewards, rewards and kudos for their employees!

For the organization

  • You can reward your employees with “a piece of a company”
  • You can mint as many NFTs per role as you want
  • You can easily build your organization based on your culture values

For the employees

  • They can feel more appreciated receiving meaningful gratitude
  • They can do whatever they want with NFT (keep, sell, exchange)
  • They can collect all values and receive other specified rewards in our system!

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Unlimited number of kudos

Unlimited number of NFTs to be minted

Unlimited number of users

Weekly feedback

9 kudos cards templates

Custom kudos (e.g., company values)

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Collectibles from your organization

NFT Reality’s collection minted for the app users and customer represents a set of roles, values, achievements, or rewards within a particular company. Each role, value, or achievement could have its own non-fungible token that the company identifies with it. Each employee may find himself, company value, or particular achievement in the collection!

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