Reward your team with NFTs.

A perfect way to say “Kudos”

Reward and incentivize employees with a digital kudos system using blockchain-based NFTs. Employees earn unique, digital tokens for outstanding work, which can be redeemed for rewards or traded in the open market.

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Mobile Reality
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Let your organization benefit from NFTs.

  • What NFT is?

    Non-fungible token. It’s an unique, digital object which can be bought with cryptocurrencies.

  • NFT increase value

    If the right balance is made, developers can increase the value of NFTs and attract new users.

  • Smart-contract

    Smart contacts are here to prevent fraud and eliminate commission-free intermediaries.

  • NFT

    NFTs are persistent

    We are using IPFS which is making our network independent on any kind of service.

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Let your business grow with NFT

NFT Reality unlocks the potential for HR departments and company owners to leverage branded NFTs as powerful benefits, rewards and kudos for their employees!

For the organization

  • You can reward your employees with “a piece of a company”
  • You can mint as many NFTs per role as you want
  • You can use NFTs in your social media communication

For the employees

  • They can feel more appreciated having a “part of a company”
  • They can do whatever they want with NFT (keep, sell, exchange)
  • They can actually earn money when they’ll sell tokens

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Collect roles from your organization

NFT Reality’s collection minted for the Customer represents a set of roles that are creating a particular company. Each role has its own NFT and is identifying a particular employee. Each employee will find himself in the collection!

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