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Our mission is to assist HR leaders, managers and business owners in creating exceptional engagement and recognition program tailored to their teams and employees so they do their best, and never wants to leave.

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We value employee engagement and employee recognition. That's why we have created a Slack kudos app. In NFT Reality Kudos, employee engagement app, you will find fundamental features that boost your team's motivation, job satisfaction, and overall well-being at work. Also, this employee engagement program will be much fun to use. Check benefits of kudos software!

Giving kudos with points to colleagues through app for Slack

Sharing positive vibes and high engagement among coworkers

Creating Kudos collections to give to your teammates

Let your employee benefit from Kudos.

  • What is Kudos?

    Praise and honor received by an employee for an achievement or compliments. NFT Reality kudos can be assigned to the non-fungible token on a blockchain to increase employee workplace engagement.

  • Kudos with meaning

    Unique digital rewards that identify with your team values are branded with your company logotype that can be a part of your employee engagement strategy.

  • Smart contract

    Smart contracts deployed on the FLOW blockchain are here to prevent fraud and eliminate commission-free intermediaries.

  • Collectibles are persistent

    We are using IPFS which is making our network independent of any kind of service.

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Employee engagement initiatives for your business

NFT Reality, the employee engagement app, and employee recognition platform unlock the HR department's potential in the organization. Company owners may leverage branded NFTs as powerful benefits, rewards, and kudos for organizations to decrease employee turnover and prevent low engagement. Let's give an overview of kudos benefits!


  • You can reward your employees with “a tokenized piece of a company”
  • You can create as many Kudos as you want to create as many employee engagement goals as you wish
  • In the offered employee engagement model, you can easily build your organization based on your cultural values, commitment, and company information.


  • In our colleague engagement platform, you can feel more appreciated receiving meaningful gratitude for your astonishing results and productivity as the result of peer recognition.
  • You can do whatever you want with Kudos collectibles (keep, sell, exchange across organizations and teams)
  • Thanks to our affordable employee engagement software , you can collect all values and receive other specified rewards on our website and app for Slack!

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Full access Kudos app

Unlimited number of Kudos for employees

Unlimited number of Kudos to be minted

Unlimited number of users

Weekly feedback for employees

9 kudos cards templates

Custom kudos (e.g., company values)

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Collectibles from your organization

NFT Reality’s collection created for app users and customers represents a set of roles, values, achievements, or rewards within a particular company. Each role, value, or achievement can be transformed into a Collectible token that the company identifies with it. Each employee may find himself, company value, or a particular kudos award in the collection!

nft reality kudos app slack employee engagement


working with team

The NFT Reality Kudos app serves as a significant motivator for those employees eager to strengthen their character at work. This advanced employee engagement software motivates employees by recognizing their talent development. The NFT Reality kudos software supports personal growth through weekly acknowledgments. It is aligned with the organization's core values, such as support, leadership, motivation, and innovation, and is straightforward. Importantly, recognition can come from managers and employees, enhancing personal and workplace engagement. It makes employees feel valued by both peers and supervisors. NFT Reality Kudos awards a unique token along with verbal praise, adding a tangible element to the recognition. It can be collected and used to measure an employee's development. This aspect of the app turns it into a powerful employee engagement tool. It encourages the highly ambitious and all employees to aim for excellence in their roles.

With KUDOS recognition, employee prestige is elevated, making each team member feel distinguished not just by receiving kudos but also through weekly point rankings. NFT Reality Kudos, the innovative employee engagement app fosters a culture of recognition and competition. Achieving a high rank in the weekly standings boosts an employee's significance and provides satisfaction. The appreciation expressed through these rankings significantly raises an employee's self-esteem, marking them as standout contributors. Such a recognition mechanism is a powerful component of successful employee engagement activities. Underscoring the importance of employee engagement in enhancing productivity, collaboration, and the overall employee experience within the workplace. NFT Reality Kudos is a top employee engagement software solution that offers organizations a dynamic and effective employee engagement plan. By integrating this app into their engagement strategies, businesses can unlock the full potential of their workforce. Our app as, as a perfect addition to employee communication apps as Slack or Microsoft Teams, encourages the pursuit of excellence and fosters a thriving work environment.

At the core of effective employee engagement strategies lies a profound understanding of employee needs and expectations. The best strategies seamlessly integrate what employees desire with what an organization can offer, both materially and immaterially. The NFT Reality Kudos app represents a pivotal component of this strategy, providing a comprehensive employee engagement solution that elevates workplace engagement and employee satisfaction. NFT Reality leverages the messaging and notifications features of Slack or Microsoft Teams. By fostering a sense of security and contentment, especially for remote or hybrid workers, the app uses gamification to make the workday more appealing. This innovative employee engagement software supports employees' personal interests, offering rewards such as movie tickets, vacation discounts, or gym passes. Furthermore, it acknowledges the importance of employee engagement in enhancing productivity and collaboration within the organization. NFT Reality Kudos stands out as one of the top employee engagement apps because it facilitates high-quality, open communication between employers and employees. The app empowers both sides to make decisions and express opinions. This engagement app creates a positive, ethical, and inclusive organizational culture. It is designed to systematically recognize and reward employees' achievements, not just occasional praise, with consistent acknowledgments in words, engaging graphics, and credit card rewards (soon). This approach underscores the importance of employee recognition as part of a successful employee engagement strategy, fostering a supportive and motivated workforce. By implementing NFT Reality Kudos, organizations can boost engagement levels and drive successful employee engagement initiatives. It develops a thriving work environment that encourages personal and professional growth.

Through "kudos," NFT Reality KUDOS software facilitates direct communication, creating a space for open expression of opinions, which leads to dialogue among coworkers and superiors. This approach reduces the impact of the corporate hierarchy, potentially even eliminating it, allowing every individual the right to give and receive tokens. This aspect is instrumental in moving the organization towards achieving the status of a teal organization. NFT Reality Kudos doesn’t replace the need for charismatic leadership that builds partnership relations within the team but enhances management processes. This is crucial for an engaged workforce and meeting the demands of the new generation, requiring managers to respect diversity and avoid stereotypical judgments. The good employee engagement application, that we developed, allows the creation of categories based on the company's values, such as Supportive, Involvement, Communication, Leader, Warrior, and Researcher. This mechanism enables teamwork and expression through words and tokens that genuinely motivate employee responses. Employee engagement should be at the top of every employer's priority list, and the NFT Reality Kudos app offers the opportunity to achieve this.

It's optional and available only in NFT Reality Kudos Platform. If you connect your digital Blocto wallet (https://bay.blocto.app/) within NFT Reality Kudos then you will be able to change your Kudos into Collectibles!

It depends on how many you will mint within your organization. Under one Kudos Card you can specify max. 999 collectibles (quantity).

It limitless! You can receive as many as you want!

Subscription in the NFT Reality Kudos depends on your user’s count in your Slack organization. For instance, if you have 30 Regular Users in your organization then in annual subscription you will pay 30 * €2 = €60 per month. We do not count other types of users eq. quest.