Available commands

/nftreality transfer
Transfer Kudos to each other in the Slack channels!
/nftreality list
List Kudos which you have received from your teammates!
/nftreality help
Check available commands and their purpose.


How to add and onboard my company

How to add and onboard my company

Onboarding company is really simple:

  1. Find our application in the Slack Store or Teams Store
  2. Add our app to your Slack or Teams organization
  3. After successful integration Owner of the organization should receive an e-mail and message in the Slack from NFT Reality Kudos
  4. In this message you will have an onboarding link. This link will redirect you to our platform NFT Reality Kudos. There you will have couple of steps to pass through:
    1. Password to your account, username
    2. Subscription plan
    3. Billing data
  5. After that, you are good to go and you can create your first Kudos cards!
How to onboard users from my organization

How to onboard users from my organization

Onboarding your employees is quite automated. If you onboard your company in NFT Reality Kudos then everyone from your organization will receive onboarding mail.

They will have to add:

  • only username and password
  • That’s it! Everyone from your organization is onboarded now!

    How to create Kudos

    How to create Kudos

    Creating Kudos is designed to be very simple and intuitive and also as flexible as possible. You will have to create minimum 3 Kudos during the onboarding process. There you will have to pick a name, description and quantity of one Kudos. What’s more you can pick your own custom created graphic or choose one of predefined. Anything you do, at the end you will be able to give it to your team!

    How to transfer Kudos and list my Kudos

    How to transfer Kudos and list my Kudos

    It's really easy! In Slack you just type /nftreality transfer and then the modal will appear where you can specify who should receive the Kudos card, which Kudos card and how much points they should get. In order to list your own Kudos just type /nftreality list and in the Slack you will have the list. Also you can check the list of your Kudos in the platform. Simply just log in and check your dashboard.

    Also it's important to remember that only Givers are able to execute transfer commands. You can promote your teammembers to this role in the Users Dashboard!

    How to create and get Special Kudos

    How to create and get Special Kudos

    Creating Special Kudos is really simple. As a Company Owner you need to configure Special Kudos in the NFT Reality Platform. Under tab Special you will have Special Kudos list. There you can create Special Kudos with the process which is the same as creating Kudos. After that you can assign which Kudos are required to unlock Special Kudos!

    To get Special Kudos you need to:

    1. Gather all required Kudos specified by Company Owner
    2. Go to Kudos dashboard in NFT Reality Platform under your account
    3. Unlock Special Kudos via clicking on it!
    How can I change my Kudos into Collectibles?

    How can I change my Kudos into Collectibles?

    In the settings you will find the last option in the submenu. It’s called Wallet. There you will need to integrate your wallet within NFT Reality Kudos. You can log in to your wallet with your email address in the Blocto platform ( or in their mobile application. After that you will unlock options which allow you to mint your Collectibles from your Kudos

    Check our instructions in the video!