Comprehensive Guide to International Conferences HR in 2024

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Conference and Expo

Attending HR conferences is crucial for professionals looking to stay ahead in the field. These events provide insights into the latest trends, technologies, and strategies in human resources management. Below is a detailed list of significant HR conferences scheduled for 2024, both internationally and in Poland, along with their thematic focuses. It's a conference for HR professionals.

Top HR Conferences

1. HRcoreLAB 12th Summit

HR Barcelona hr conference

This summit focuses on innovations in HR and workforce management strategies. Key topics include talent management, employee engagement, and the impact of artificial intelligence on HR practices.

2. Wharton People Analytics Conference

Wharton People Analytics hr conference

Dedicated to the latest advancements in people analytics, this conference brings together data scientists, HR professionals, and industry leaders to discuss how analytics can drive decision-making and improve workforce outcomes.

3. Engaging Employee Experiences Conference

HR Conference engaging employees

This conference emphasizes strategies for engaging employees through modern technologies and innovative practices. Sessions will cover employee engagement, remote work dynamics, and creating a positive workplace culture and employee engagement summit. It is a great HR vision for London.

4. FUTURE OF HR 2024

Focused on the future of recruitment and personnel management, this event will explore trends such as digital transformation in HR, remote hiring processes, and the use of AI in talent acquisition. There are great virtual HR conferences.

5. National HR Summit Australia

This summit addresses HR challenges such as talent shortages, employee retention, and the evolving role of HR in organizational strategy. It features keynote speakers, panel discussions, and interactive workshops.

6. Rethink HR Tech USA

HR Tech

The focus here is on the future of work and technology in HR. Topics include digital HR strategies, the use of big data in HR, and how technology is reshaping workforce management.

7. HR of Tomorrow Conference 2024

This conference explores the future of work and employee experiences. Discussions will include workplace diversity, employee well-being, and integrating new technologies in HR processes. It undertakes discussions regarding the point of professional development of employees.

8. SHRM24 Annual Conference

  • Location: Chicago, USA

  • Date: June 23-26, 2024

  • Website:

The world's largest HR conference, SHRM24 offers a multitude of educational sessions, networking opportunities, and exhibitions. Topics range from leadership development to compliance and technology in HR.

9. HR Congress World Summit

HR Congress

A prestigious event gathering HR leaders globally, the Cities HR Conference focuses on strategic HR leadership, innovation in talent management, and global HR trends.

10. ATD24 HR Conference

ATD24 HR Conference

HR technology conference. This conference is centered on HR skills development and improvement. Sessions include training and development, leadership coaching, and performance management.

11. WorkHuman Live

HR WorkHumanLive

Covering general HR topics, WorkHuman Live emphasizes human-centric approaches to HR, employee recognition programs, professional development credits, and fostering inclusive workplace cultures.

12. People Matters TechHR Pulse

HR Pulse

This event focuses on the future of HR technology and modern work models. It highlights the impact of AI and automation on HR processes and strategies for digital transformation.

13. HR Vision

HR Vision

Practical HR strategies are at the core of this conference. Topics include employee engagement, digital HR transformation, and innovative talent management practices.

14. LEAP HR: Life Sciences Europe

Leap HR

Aimed at HR leaders in the life sciences industry, this conference covers HR strategies in biotech and pharma, talent acquisition, and regulatory compliance.

HR Conferences in Poland

1. FUTURE OF HR 2024

One of Poland's largest HR conferences focusing on the future of HR, recruitment, and personnel management. It will feature panel sessions, workshops, and presentations from global experts.

2. Kongres Kadry

A well-known event held twice a year, gathering HR practitioners and experts. Topics include recruitment, talent management, and employee development.

3. Employer Branding Summit

HR Tech summit poland

This conference focuses on innovative technologies in HR. Participants will learn about the use of AI, big data, and modern tools for personnel management.

4. HR Meeting

HR meeting

Organized by Puls Biznesu, this annual event addresses current HR challenges, such as changing labor laws, new technologies, and employee engagement strategies.

Benefits of Participation in International Conference

Participating in international HR conferences offers numerous benefits, including opportunities for learning, networking, and exchanging experiences with fellow HR professionals. These events are invaluable for staying updated on industry trends, enhancing skills, and contributing to organizational success.

For more information on the agenda and registration, please visit the respective organizers' websites.

By attending these conferences, HR professionals can stay ahead in their field, connect with peers, and gain insights into the latest trends and best practices in human resources management. Whether your interest lies in technology, talent management, or employee engagement, these events provide valuable learning and professional development opportunities.

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